Breaking Barriers to Recycling

This customer has been told they couldn’t recycle their paper product because of its chemical barriers. We found a way.


A major paper products manufacturer was told by multiple recycling companies that their product was unrecyclable because it contained a chemical barrier. This barrier caused the product to absorb water, rather than allowing it to fall apart, a critical step in the recycling process. The company was paying to have the material shipped to the landfill daily.


Royal Paper Stock met with facilities supervisors, collected samples and searched for a paper mill that could recycle their product in the U.S.


Though no recycling facility was found in the U.S. that would accept our client’­s paper waste, Royal Paper Stock found another solution. We now process the material at a Royal Paper Stock facility, and ship it overseas to paper mills that can handle the high wet-strength chemical barrier. Which means our client’­s landfill charge has been completely eliminated.

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