Unique Solutions

Case Studies of Successful Recycling Programs
Creating truly effective recycling programs takes a deep understanding of a customer’­s challenges, and a creative, thoughtful approach to solving them. These case studies prove exactly that, each starting with a unique customer need and ending in a fully customized recycling solution that delivered solid business results.
Unique Solutions

Finding new uses for unusable scrap

Royal Paper Stock helped this customer turn 25 semi truckloads of old plastic hangers into thousand of dollars in profit.

Unique Solutions

Helping clients save thousands

By changing to two separate compactors, one for trash and one for corrugated, Royal was able to save one client over $100,000 per year!

Unique Solutions

Many Tenants, One Recycling Program

See how we brought many tenants under one recycling program for our office complex client.

Unique Solutions

Breaking Barriers to Recycling

This customer has been told they couldn’t recycle their paper product because of its chemical barriers. We found a way.

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