Unique Solutions with Bocchi Labs and Royal Paper Stock

By changing to two separate compactors, one for trash and one for corrugated, Royal was able to save Bocchi over $100,000 per year!

Royal Paper Stock was called by a partner to help them with a customer, Bocchi Labs, who had some service issues.  This customer produced boxes that another customer of Royals wanted to buy, but also was putting their other loose corrugated and trash into gaylord boxes and shipping both to a different recycling company.  In order to help out their customer, Royal agreed on a short-term basis, to handle their scrap the same way and for the same cost.  However, Royal wanted to visit their facility and give them some different options on how to handle their scrap.

Once at the facility, two trailers were spotted, one for corrugated and the other for trash and Royal started to service Bocchi Labs.  As Royal started to service both trailers on a daily basis that were both pretty light, a plan was created that would involve another company to provide compactors to collect the waste.  Royal facilitated getting the quotes for the equipment as well as the haul rates from Bocchi Labs to both the Royal facility as well as the landfill.  The corrugated compactor boxes would go to a Royal facility and the trash compactor boxes would be hauled directly to the landfill.

Upon analyzing the current cost structure with the frequency of service and the weight being collected, it became very clear that the original method of service was completely inefficient and overpriced.  A presentation was given to the management of Bocchi Labs, detailing that Royal would continue to service their trash and recycling the same way, however Royal leadership did not believe that was the best way to handle Bocchi’s waste.  By changing to two separate compactors, one for trash and one for corrugated, Royal was able to save Bocchi over $100,000 per year!  This savings was calculated after including the rental costs on a monthly basis for the compactors and compactor boxes along with the hauling costs for trash and recycling.  It was truly a “win-win” solution.

The key is the fact that Royal’s program is simple and centered on being a good partner with Bocchi Labs to bring them the most cost-effective and efficient solution for their waste.  Royal Paper Stock put in the time to handle Bocchi’s waste in the way they were accustomed to having it handled, while also going the extra yard to do the analysis and show the reason a change should be made and why Royal Paper Stock should be their premier partner. And in the process, the new solution allowed Bocchi the ability to divert more tons from the landfill and get recycled.

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