Paper Recycling

Designed to be simple and profitable, from start to finish
We collect, process and pay for your scrap. Then transport to paper mills, creating end solutions for the papers next life. It’s a cycle that is better for you, the paper and the environment.

What we accept

While many recycling companies accept only bulk-grade papers such as corrugated and newspaper, Royal Paper Stock also handles higher-grade papers. Below are the types of paper we regularly accept from our customers.

Do you have something that does not appear in this list? Please call 614-851-4714.

Unique Solutions

Helping clients save thousands

By changing to two separate compactors, one for trash and one for corrugated, Royal was able to save one client over $100,000 per year!

Unique Solutions

Breaking Barriers to Recycling

This customer has been told they couldn’t recycle their paper product because of its chemical barriers. We found a way.

In-Facility Collection Materials

After determining the most efficient approach to processing your paper waste, we recommend the collection materials you need to prepare your scrap for pickup, and provide you the opportunity to own or lease necessary equipment, including the following, but not limited to:

Paper Recycling Facts

Printing papers doesn’t kill trees.

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