RPS Plastic Recyclers

Plastic Recycling

We assess your waste streams, identify plastic recyclables and start a mutually beneficial collection process.
When assessing materials that can be recycled as plastic, we work to identify what materials the waste could be made into and markers for that material. Once the collection process is finalized, we ship, mostly to Columbus, where we will either bail or grind the materials, remove contaminants, sort and then sell to a variety of companies throughout the United States that will make a new product out of the scrap resin that RPS Plastic Recyclers has prepared for them.
RPS Plastic Recyclers

What we accept

RPS Plastic Recyclers specializes in recycling post-industrial plastic scrap. In addition to commonly marked grades of plastic, we also handle all engineered grades, such as polycarbonate and acrylic. Below are the types of plastic we regularly accept from our customers.

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Unique Solutions

Finding new uses for unusable scrap

Royal Paper Stock helped this customer turn 25 semi truckloads of old plastic hangers into thousand of dollars in profit.

In-Facility Collection Materials

After determining the most efficient approach to processing your paper waste, we recommend the collection materials you need to prepare your scrap for pickup, and provide you the opportunity to own or lease necessary equipment.

Plastic Recycling Facts

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