Finding new uses for unusable scrap

Royal Paper Stock helped this customer turn 25 semi truckloads of old plastic hangers into thousand of dollars in profit.


A major retailer had 25 semi truckloads of old, unused hangers that could not be reused or resold. The cost of disposing of the hangers into a landfill would have been astronomical, and the impact on the environment incredibly damaging.


The company called Royal Paper Stock for advice, since we were also their paper recycling partner. We collected samples of the hangers, and began the search for a place to recycle them.


Royal Paper Stock found a company in China that was willing to spend the labor cost to sort, dismantle, grind and melt the hangers. By negotiating with this company, Royal Paper Stock was able to pay our client over $13,000 for the material that was once destined to be a high monetary loss.

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