About Us

Recycling Since 1950

For more than 70 years, Royal Paper Stock has been one of the largest independent waste paper companies in the Midwest. With plants in Columbus and Cincinnati, Royal has helped companies, manufacturers, office buildings and commercial printers reduce their carbon footprint and create efficient, effective and customized recycling programs that deliver solid business results.

As your full-service recycling partner, we can guarantee that no matter what type of service is required, we will support your sustainability goals and handle your materials in a way that is both practical and profitable. We work with more than 75 paper mills and plastic reprocesses throughout North America.

Complete Solutions

Royal Paper Stock is a family-owned business invested in the full spectrum of recyclable products. We’ve worked to create affiliated businesses to support our recycling customers.


While many recycling companies accept only bulk-grade papers such as corrugated and newspaper, Royal Paper Stock also handles higher-grade papers.

RPS Plastic Recyclers


RPS Plastic Recyclers specializes in recycling post-industrial plastic scrap. In addition to commonly marked grades of plastic, we also handle all engineered grades, such as polycarbonate and acrylic.

RPS Metals


Many customers who already recycle their paper or plastic find it convenient to have us also pick up their metal scrap, since we can easily load it onto the same truck.


Royal Document Destruction is one of the premier shredding companies in the Midwest. The company provides professional, guaranteed record and product destruction either onsite with our mobile shredding trucks or offsite at one of our secured facilities in Columbus or Cincinnati.

Royal Leasing


Most customers who are starting a recycling program don’­t have the equipment they need to get their scrap ready to ship. We work with you for the best finance solution, including options to deduct the lease payment off revenue from scrap, often creating no out-of-pocket cost, or providing capital necessary for convenient and reliable customer facing equipment.

The Royal Way

We have the trucking and storage necessary to always be able remove scrap from your docks. We have extensive knowledge of the markets to know how to handle the down months and optimize the high months. We swiftly move product from you to the mill.


When it comes to transporting waste, we are all over. We use our own fleet of semi trucks and contract with national carriers to pick up recyclable scrap from customers at hundreds of locations across the U.S.


Royal Paper Stock has two scrap processing facilities. Here, state-of-the-art equipment is used to prepare scrap so it will be accepted by recycling facilities.


We have the experience, contracts and partnerships with the mills to appropriately manage the flow of your waste regardless of the current economy.