Many Tenants, One Recycling Program

See how we brought many tenants under one recycling program for our office complex client.


The property management team knew many of its office space tenants produced recyclable paper waste. But, they didn’­t know where to start with a recycling program. While some tenants were recycling, they weren’t being paid for the material, and having multiple recycling partners made partnership among tenants difficult.


Royal Paper Stock was engaged to help launch a new, simplified recycling process.


We immediately assigned recycling coordinators within each office suite to form a recycling committee. Together, we enacted a complex-wide recycling program for sorted office paper. This paper has been easy for tenants to collect, since it’s any type of paper that rips, thus reducing confusion over what can be recycled. Now, our client has a new source of revenue of $1200-$1700 per month.

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