Recycling Solutions

Solutions tailored to your business
Just as your business is different from the next, so are your recycling needs. That’s why Royal Paper Stock works closely with you to understand your unique business goals, and then design a recycling program to help you meet them.

Complete Solutions

Royal Paper Stock is a family–owned business invested in the full-cycle of recyclable products. We’ve worked to create subsidiary businesses to support our industry.


While many recycling companies accept only bulk-grade papers such as corrugated and newspaper, Royal Paper Stock also handles higher-grade papers.


RPS Plastic Recyclers specializes in recycling post-industrial plastic scrap. In addition to commonly marked grades of plastic, we also handle all-engineer grades, such as polycarbonate and acrylic.


Many customers who already recycle their paper or plastic find it convenient to have us also pick up their metal scrap, since we can easily load it onto the same truck.


Royal Document Destruction is one of the best paper shredding companies in the Midwest. The company provides professional, guaranteed record destruction either onsite with our mobile shredding trucks or offsite at one of our highly secured facilities in Columbus or Cincinnati.


Most customers who are starting a recycling program don’­t have the equipment they need to get their scrap ready to ship. We provide the legwork and capital necessary for convenient and reliable customer financing of equipment.

Start Recycling at Your Company

You’re business doesn’t run or work quite like any other. Our customers benefit not only from our expertise, but also from our size, reputation, and relationships with recycling facilities across the nation. By combining your scrap with that of our other customers, we’re able to deliver even larger volumes to our recycling facility partners, resulting in greater value for them, and greater profit for you.