We Recycle

Turning YOUR scrap into YOUR profit.

Getting Started

We assess your profit potential

Our experienced brokers and sales representatives analyze your scrap production and discover ways for you to save money, reduce trash and increase recycling. Our pricing is exceptionally competitive.

We establish a strategy

After analyzing your existing resources, such as number of docks and staff support and education, we recommend the most cost- and resource-effective processing method, from hauling your scrap away to installing a baler that allows you to do it all on site.

We give you the right tools

Regardless of what you are recycling, we provide the services and containers you need to prepare your scrap for pickup, train your staff if needed and give you the opportunity to buy or lease necessary equipment. That makes us a full-service waste partner, being your one stop to handling trash and recycling, not just another recycling company.

We take it from there

We customize a pickup schedule so it’­s convenient for you. We pursue the most cost-effective and profitable approach to shipping and recycling your waste.

Unique Solutions

Helping clients save thousands

By changing to two separate compactors, one for trash and one for corrugated, Royal was able to save one client over $100,000 per year!

Unique Solutions

Finding new uses for unusable scrap

Royal Paper Stock helped this customer turn 25 semi truckloads of old plastic hangers into thousand of dollars in profit.

Unique Solutions

Breaking Barriers to Recycling

This customer has been told they couldn’t recycle their paper product because of its chemical barriers. We found a way.

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